Public Health Students of ECIPH explore the process of Recovery at the Deaddiction Centre.

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Public Health scholars from Edward and Cynthia Institute of Public Health (ECIPH) as part of the practical learning visited Link Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts in Bajal.  ECIPH facilitated the visit to provide students with firsthand exposure to the challenges and solutions associated with addiction treatment and recovery.

Link Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts is a leading facility specializing in the rehabilitation of individuals grappling with addiction. The visit, organized as part of the students’ academic curriculum, sought to enhance their understanding of the practical aspects of addiction management, treatment modalities, and the broader impact on public health.

The students were warmly welcomed by the centre’s staff, who offered a comprehensive overview of the centre’s mission, services, and the significance of collaborative efforts in addressing addiction-related issues. During discussions with the centre’s staff, students identified several challenges, including societal stigma surrounding addiction and the need for increased community awareness. One of the inmates also shared his story of Addiction and recovery which made the students aware of the struggles of addiction victims.

The visit Link Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts provided Public Health students with a unique and valuable experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the field of addiction treatment. Such initiatives not only enhance the students’ academic knowledge but also equip them with the empathy and insights needed to make meaningful contributions to public health in the future.

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