Cultural diversity in the health sector & implications

Some countries due to their special cultural and social context have more cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity than other parts. Societies like India, Iran, and other neighboring countries may have such variations or differences more than other countries. Of course, it cannot be said that other countries are exempted from this, while today most countries…

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Why online Masters in Public Health must be confined to dustbins

At times I get intrigued by some questions which people raise wanting to do an online Masters in Public Health ( MPH) programme. I don’t get annoyed but amused with the thought of an online programme. After years of dedicated work in the field, we still never have the right kind of confidence in bringing…

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Doing CSR strategically for healthcare

Doing CSR strategically for healthcare: Physician’s Public Health Diary

When I first started out in the development sector, everyone I met told me get developmental funds via Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as if that was something every company wanted to give away and did not know what to do. Also, people confidently told me to approach some big companies who often maintained inaccessibility. As…

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